Castelvero is a beautiful hill’s village in north east side of Verona’s province, reachable by Val d’Illasi and Val d’Alpone. Castelvero is probably the oldest human settlement in this area, before Ancient Roman’s age and it’s name originate from Castrum Vetus (latin for Ancient Roman Castle).

It’s about 550 meters high. The permanent population is about 250 people, but in July and August, the beauty and peacefulness of Castelvero, jointed to really funny opportunity to stay togheter, recalls a thousand in habitants.

In the 2th week-end of August Castelvero entertain a happy summer fest and on Sunday there is the famous “Passeggiata con l’Oco”, played by all the Contrade of Castelvero.
Castelvero allows you to experience the beautiful nature of Lessinia and retains some of the finest traditions of mountain life.

In Castelvero you can taste the best food, wine and old traditional grappa and you can immerse themselves in a well-preserved nature.

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2 thoughts on “Castelvero

  1. Alessandro

    I have been here last year in summer. I had great time, beautyful places, good food and lovely people. I hope to come back soon. Bye bye