Illasi’s Castle

You can find it at the start of Val’d’Illasi.
The Val d’Illasi is a beatiful valley in the east side of Verona. Really nice, it run for about 40 kilometers from ex statal’s road n° 11, between Caldiero and Colognola ai Colli, to north to mountain called Carega (dialectal name for chear).
It’s a lovely valley, full of nice place, good wine and happy nature.
From Colognola ai Colli, you can find the villages of Illasi, Tregnago, Badia Calavena, Selva di Progno and, at last, Giazza. Then you can find the first place to Carega, Rifugio Revolto, and if you like to walk in mountain, you can reach Rifugio Scalorbi, at 1.767 m and Rifugio Fraccaroli, at 2.259 m.
It’s really nice to reach the top of Carega in the full moon nights, obviously in a good season.

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